Mineral ChromThe Mineral Chrom Series, which features fully vitrified porcelain stoneware, was created in Casalgrande Padana's laboratories in an on-going endeavor to propose pertinent and significant materials for our century; materials that can be used to embellish contemporary settings in both public and private spheres, with absolute respect for the environment.

These tiles, strongly characterized by a variety of chromatic tones with three-dimensional structured effects none of which, as in nature, are ever the same as the others, are the result of a combination amongst advanced production processes, craftsman's care and a knowing choice of raw materials.

Designed as a planning tool but created by observing the environment, Mineral Chrom is available in both rectangular and square formats (30x30, 30x60, 45x45), all of which are modular and proposed in 6 colours (brown, grey, beige, white, black, gold) to be perceived as evocation and emotional stimulus.

Similarly to Casalgrande Padana's entire porcelain stoneware range, Mineral Chrom is a material that withstands bending, wear, abrasion, chemical aggression and thermal shock. It can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors, on floors and walls.

This is a high-profile collection that's ideal for achieving contrasts in contemporary architecture plus creative mixtures amongst several life-styles, making it fit for any field of use.

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