Design and Ceramic at Triennale di Milano
“Ceramic Tiles of Italy. A Natural Beauty ”

Casalgrande Padana

takes part in the exhibition with the
Dubl_Oval XXL
installation designed by


Casalgrande Padana will be present from 22nd to 27th April, during the 2009 “I Saloni” event, in the suggestive frame of the Triennale di Milano as part of the image exhibition “Ceramic Tiles of Italy. A Natural Beauty”.

The event underscores the utmost attention the Italian ceramic tile industry has always paid to every aspect concerning the environmental sustainability, with the Italian design in a prominent, central position along with its ability to transform the product not only into a creative and original project, but also one that’s environmentally friendly and eco-efficient.

Among the various installations, created by Casalgrande Padana after a project by Vincenzo Corvino and Giovanni Multari “Dubl_Oval XXL” deals and develops the theme of the garden space by analyzing the different activities that take place in this natural environment – walking, observing, dallying, relaxing, socializing… - in an attempt to identify original solutions through an innovative use of ceramic materials.

The project is based on a single compositional element – an oval slab measuring 60x120cm, made of porcelain stoneware from the Marte series of Granitogres line – which is, according to the situation, paving on the grass level, sitting part of a bench and even a service table top. The same textural surface, the same shape and the same colour delimit space, define functions and accompany actions. Positioned on different levels, the tiles become functional surfaces for different uses, all of which interpret the needs of the garden environment: “the space of one’s personal intimacy between the vastness of unconscious nature and one’s home; a totally particural place that links what does not change with that which does, what is rigidly structured with those things that move: it is the vase into which the most different and opposed elements flow together and join”.

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