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The TACTILE (patent n. 00237769) is a special language, imprinted on "Granitogres" fine porcelain tiles, able to guarantee greater autonomy and safety for the visually impaired when they have to move around.

The modular elements in the flooring are arranged in easily understood informative codes, which give directional information and situation warnings through four different channels:

  • plantar tactile sense
  • manual tactile sense (with the white stick)
  • hearing
  • colour contrast, or, more specifically, luminance contrast (for the visually impared)

The creation of systems aimed at helping mobility, through the ability to recognize places and sources of danger on the part of the visually impared, is a legal obligation, as underlined by art 1 od D.P.R. (Decree of the President of the Republic) 24 July 1996 n 503, which better specifies what was already formulated in the "Outline-law on the handicapped" of 5 February 1992 n. 104, relating to the elimination of architectural barriers.

The "artificial" TACTILE guide system accompanies and complements the "natural" guide system which consists of the particular conformations of specific places (walls, pavements, ropes, hedges, flower beds, echo sounds ...) allowing the visually impared to orient themselves and move without need of further indications.